A Big Scare

On Friday November 16th Robbie woke up around 1:00 am with a very bad cough. We were up with him most of the night, but he seemed to be ok after finally getting a little sleep. His cough was still bad but he was well enough to spend the day with his grandparents while mom and dad attended a wedding. He was receiving some Tylenol throughout the day to help with the cough as Robbie cannot take cold medicine.

Around 10:00 pm on Saturday, what he have prayed everyday to never happen again, happened. Robbie had a seizure and was taken to Gottlieb hospital by ambulance. We were right by his side telling him he was going to be ok and that we loved him so very much.

Robbie had a prolonged seizure that was over 20 minutes long. He was intubated and given many medications to stop the seizure and to calm him down. Once he was was stable enough he was transported to Rush hospital where his neurologist is out of.

Robbie was at Rush from Saturday until Tuesday afternoon connected to a constant EEG and monitored for the seizure he had, along with many, many tests. During his stay he also had two very small episodes that were similar to seizures. Robbie had a strong virus that weakened his immune system and a fever that spiked very high. His doctors feel that the virus, the fever and with his past of the stroke and seizures is why he had this prolonged seizure. Robbie is now unfortunately back on seizure medication to be be safe and to try and fight any future signs of seizures. It was the scariest and hardest thing to watch our boy go through this all over again and to not be able to help him. It was a hard 4 days in the hospital when all Robbie wanted was to be home, but once again our boy fought and he fought hard. He was so strong and is now doing so much better. He is home and doing well. Robbie made it home on time to get the turkey ready and enjoy Thanksgiving.

We are truly so thankful for our boy and his strength and determination. He is the true definition of a super hero. He will continue with a seizure medicine again for a while and will have to go back to seeing his neurologist more often, but he will get through this. With the support from everyone and his strength we will get through this together and continue to fight for our little warrior. 💜🙏🏼💜


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