An Adventurous Year

An Adventurous Year Thumb

Robbie, our energetic 8 year old, has had an adventurous year! He said goodbye to baseball and hello to football. Football, a game he really enjoys, showing a new side to his competitive spirit. This year also brought new experiences as he began second grade, sleeping overnight at Rush Hospital for his annual EEG, and taking a trip to Puerto Rico!

At the hospital, Robbie underwent an EEG and was fortunate to receive the good news that he was not having seizure activity, although we are monitoring for the spikes that still occur. Additionally, Robbie has been diagnosed with Low Immunoglobulin A deficiency, which limits his ability to fight certain infections. We are working with his doctors to ensure that his levels do not decline further.

As for our time in Puerto Rico, Robbie had a blast. He got to do all sorts of activities he had never done before: snorkeling, riding a horse, and so much more! The experience certainly opened his eyes to all that the world has to offer.

Robbie’s growth in his academics has also been a major highlight. Despite his physical limitations, he never gives up and continues to persevere when tackling the challenges of reading and writing. It’s amazing to see how he keeps pushing through and is doing so much more than he was last year.

In his free time, Robbie loves to explore the new love of PlayStation and football. He is a Madden pro and continues to ask if he can create a YouTube channel to show off his skills.

This year has allowed Robbie to discover new things and to further enhance his academics. We are incredibly proud of all the strides he’s made and all that he’s achieved in just one short year! We cannot wait to see all that is to come in year eight in the life of Robbie.


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