Robbie is now 5 months old and has been progressing very well. He has been taking the bottle for about 2 weeks now. He has not been using the feeding tube at all for feeding, it is only being used for his medications.

The doctors are thrilled with his progress, and if he continues to do well and gain weight they are hoping to remove the feeding tube in 4-5 months. Also, he has begun eating rice cereal a few times a week. Everyone is extremely excited and so proud of Robbie. He is such a strong little guy and continues to amaze us all. Therapy has also been going well.

He is doing much better with head and neck control. Overall Robbie has overcome so many things and surprises everyone each and every day. He is already doing things doctors didn’t think he would at this point. He still has a lot to accomplish, but we are so positive he will continue to SHOCK THE WORLD!!


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