Happy 4th Birthday Robbie

Robbie’s birthday weekend started off with the great news from his in home EEG.

He had a fun filled weekend with another year at the Chicago Wolves game, cake, presents, Chuck E Cheese and lots of love.

Robbie loves singing Happy Birthday now and he sang it to himself for days 🙂

This birthday was filled with so much love for our strong boy as the past year was a bit of a tough one for him. Robbie had some big setbacks throughout the year but he continues to push through them.

Changes have had to be made to his braces for his feet as his walking has changed. He is now doing very well with the change and we have hopes that he will begin feeling better aligned with this brace.

Robbie did suffer a seizure this year for the first time since birth, which was such a devastating time in our family, but again he fought through and is doing well.

Robbie will be evaluated again in June, and then in December with an EEG to see what the next steps are for his medication.

We stay strong as a family and continue to fight everyday with our little warrior.

Happy Birthday big boy!! Prayers for a happy and healthy year ahead of you!


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