Happy 5th Birthday

Today Robbie celebrates his 5th birthday!! This day 5 years ago was filled with so many unknowns, but one thing that stands true is Robbie always gave us HOPE! He gave us hope to continue each day with a smile on our face, even if a smile was the hardest thing to show. He was and is the strongest little boy we know!

You are a superhero Robbie!!

I think we can say that even in quarantine we can still make the best of it! Robbie is one lucky and blessed little man to have so much love surrounding him. He started the day with a room full of balloons and gifts. He was then surprised with a wonderful parade that started with a fire truck!!

Robbie was very surprised and so excited to see everyone, even if it was for a second and a wave. Thank you to all that joined in the parade. You have no idea how much it meant to us and our little dude!


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