Home EEG

Since Robbie had a prolonged seizure in November, we have to start doing EEG’s again. We chose to have this EEG done in our home as it had to be a 24 hour scan. Robbie did so well and had a great buddy to support him. His big cousin came for the day and was able to get a cool helmet like Robbie. It felt like 5 days in 1, but we made it through and anxiously waiting the results.

A couple weeks after the home scan, the neurologist called with great news.

Her exact words… Robbie is looking good good good! No spikes No epileptic forms and No seizure activity whatsoever!! He will stay on the anti seizure medicine for now and will be evaluated his next visit to see if he is able to stop the medication. It was a beautiful way to start off his birthday weekend!! Keep shocking the world big boy! We love you so much!


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