Robbie Is One

We are thrilled to share that Robbie just turned one and has received some great news from the doctors. On April 6th Robbie’s EEG results came back and the doctor said it looks a lot better from the last one he had in July.

There are no signs of seizure activity, no epileptic forms and the waves are slowing down. She will be reviewing a few more things and will then decide when they can lower or stop another medicine. We are overjoyed with the news!

John and Tiffany are so proud of their boy and are amazed at his strength as all of us are.

Robbie Is 1 2

The Wood family left the hospital with so much uncertainty. They left with a feeding tube, 3 medications and fear. The feeding tube and 1 medicine were gone before his first birthday and now another medicine could be gone in the next few months. He is still receiving therapy twice a week and is doing well. He is working on making his left side stronger so his balance is even on both sides. He loves to stand and walk with mom and dads help. He has favorite shows and movies and absolutely loves being outside.

His first birthday party was a huge success and Robbie loved sharing his day with all his family and friends. He is ready to cheer on the Cubs this summer and to splash in the pool.


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