Third Grade Triumphs & Stadium Dreams!

Our spirited 9-year-old, Robbie, has just wrapped up an eventful year; from academic achievements to newfound passions!

He closed the gap on his learning delays in third grade, impressing us with his hard work and determination. His reading skills and overall academics have improved significantly, making third grade, as he describes it, his best year yet and the time he was able to make some great friendships.

The WalkAide was a real game-changer for Robbie. Not only is he thriving with it, but he’s also thrilled the foundation is helping other kids access this life-changing device. And on an even brighter note, Robbie has been seizure-free for two whole years! This milestone fills our hearts with joy and hope for a seizure-free future.

Just recently, Robbie’s excitement hit another high gear. He attended the DJ Moore camp, where he even met Caleb Williams! Now, fueled by the upcoming Bears season, he’s planning to add Levi Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium to his growing stadium tour with his dad.

His love for football is infectious!

Always up for new adventures, Robbie explored soccer this year and loved every minute of it. His willingness to try new things is truly inspiring. He’s also working hard to strengthen his left side with aquatic therapy and swimming lessons.

Robbie’s journey has been one of resilience, growth, and pure joy. We can’t wait to see what adventures the next year holds for our little warrior!


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