We Have A Walker

Robbie has been very busy lately. He is now 19 months old and has accomplished some very big milestones. Robbie does not give up and has pushed through many hurdles to get to where he is today. He continues to show all that he will prove the doctors wrong when they said he may not be able to do certain things.

Robbie is officially walking!!!! He received supportive braces for his feet and ankles which have helped him begin walking. He practices more and more with his therapists’ to build up his strength all throughout his body. He continues to use supportive vests for posture and hand braces to help keep his thumb out for full mobility.

Robbie has started aquatic therapy every Friday and truly loves being in the water.

He will soon be evaluated for speech and equestrian therapy. He will be riding a horse to help with balance and social emotional skills. We are very excited to see how Robbie will interact with the horses.

He will see his neurologist in March to schedule a 18-24 hour EEG to determine if he can be off of all anti-seizure medication completely.

Robbie is a very happy and adventurous little boy. He loves being outside and being around his family and friends. He loves to throw the ball around and has started to show interest in hockey!

He is very smart and loves trying new activities. We are very thankful for his positive attitude and ability to push through everything that comes his way.


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